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Summer Refresh for Your Home

Now that Summer is fast approaching, it's the perfect excuse to refresh and brighten your home. It’s time to put away the faux fur throws and plaid wool pillows and bring in some vibrant colors and light, airy fabrics, and textiles. To help you freshen your home this Summer, we provided you with a list of ideas to freshen up your space!

Clean Windows It’s finally time to let some light in! Now that the sun is shining, it is important to clean and open your windows to let the fresh air in. Washing and dusting your windows will help decrease the dirt and debris blowing through your house when it comes time to open the windows. During this time, if you notice your window screens have holes or rips it may be time to purchase and install new screens. If you’re feeling extra fun, you can even purchase new summery curtains to make your window space pop with color!

Check HVAC System What’s worse than a 90-degree day with no air conditioning? To ensure that nightmare doesn’t happen to you, check your home’s HVAC system to ensure it’s working well before temperatures get too hot. That way if you run into a problem, you should have more than enough time to have a professional check it out for you.

Put Seasonal Stuff in Storage Simplify your life! Store away items that aren't useful in the summer, such as blankets, thick Afghans, and heavy quilts, so that you can make space for things that are! Lightweight throws are the perfect summer sofa or chair accessory because you can curl up in them comfortably, even when it's hot outside!

Add Some Greenery/Fun Accessories Flowers and plants are your best friends when it comes to bringing charm, beauty, and fragrant smells into your home. Pull out your vases, and stock fresh flowers of all kinds and colors in every room that you can! You can even get faux plants if you don’t want to buy the real thing! Additionally, you can brighten up your space with fun summer accessories. Beachy wall art, summer scented candles and fresh fruit arrangements are all great ways to decorate for the summer months.

New Bedding Bulky, heavy, warm bedspreads in the summer are bad news. Thick bedding ends up on the floor anyway because it's too hot to try to sleep with. Put it away for the next few months and use a thin down comforter for a cooler night's sleep. And by the way, if you have access to simple white bedding, use it! It's the perfect peaceful bedroom color for the summer months.

The best way to celebrate the season change is revamping your space. Hopefully these tips will help you brighten your space for summer!


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