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Staged Home Living

Life in a staged home may seem perfect to some, but there is plenty of work that goes into maintaining a perfect house. With each room comes a set of responsibilities that ultimately contribute to maintaining that immaculate appearance.

Home staging tips often touch on one important point: You have to be prepared to maintain a state of perfection from under your sink to within your bedroom closet. While certainly not impossible, this takes dedication. This can also pay-off handsomely in the end, when homebuyers, enthralled with the state of your home, begin making offers. There is a lot that goes into perpetuating perfection.

Here are tips, room-by-room, on how to live in a staged home:

The bedrooms These rooms tend to collect clutter. To alleviate that, it is time to make use of those nightstand drawers, and possibly under-the-bed storage. While it is OK to keep maybe a book or two, - maybe home staging books! - and a lamp on top of your nightstand, everything else - tissues, glasses, etc. - should be stowed away in storage somewhere accessible yet hidden. Clothes should also be neatly stored. Make sure to consistently put clothes in the hamper. In a staged home, you'll probably be doing laundry often anyway - to keep towels, dishcloths, and other similar items clean. Also, it is crucial that everyone in every bedroom makes his or her bed immediately after waking up in the morning.

The kitchen Air freshener is your best friend in a staged home. Of course, you will probably end up cooking in your staged home. Even a smell can turn a potential homebuyer off, though. Use air freshener to ensure your home smells as perfect as it looks. Clean every surface after each meal cooked, as well. There should never be dishes in the sink when people are touring the home, either so clean them or place them in the dishwasher right away.

The bathrooms Your bathroom should appear as though no one uses it. That means storing away shampoos, soaps, and razors after showers, and cleaning every day. If you have more than one bathroom in your home, have everyone share one to reduce the amount of cleaning required. This is where laundry comes into play again - every time someone uses a towel, it should be washed, rather than hung up to dry, to avoid any sort of clutter at all.

Other rooms and spaces You can treat the family and living rooms similar to bedrooms - plenty of hidden storage space, spotless floors and no clutter whatsoever. Also, it is important not to forget closet and pantry space. While storing clutter away is important, overfilling closets and pantries will make them seem tiny. Organize these spaces to ensure their sizes are accurately represented.

Prioritizing perfection is paramount in a staged home, but if you can maintain it there's a good chance buyers will fall in love with your spotless house.


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