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Not Happy With the Listing Price? Here’s What to Do

Arguments, disagreements, even confrontation? When a couple is selling a home, it is possible that they may face all three. However, we’re not talking about the usual stressful situations that can occur between partners when it comes to the home sale process.

As if selling your home wasn’t cause enough for a little uneasiness, what if you fully disagree with some advice that you get from your real estate agent? In fact, what if you think your home should be listed for a higher price than your agent recommends? Before your frustration level bubbles over and you decide to abandon your entire home sale altogether, relax… you’ve dealt with a little disagreement before, right?

Here are three handy ways to approach a difference in opinion with your real estate agent when it comes to your home’s listing price:

Keep Perspective – As the saying goes, “you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.” So, first and foremost, remember that your real estate agent has training and experience to back up their recommendation. Also keep in mind that they’ve done a comparative market analysis of similar area homes that are currently listed or have recently sold. They did not simply pull their recommendation out of thin air!

If you’ve scoured the web and a site like Zillow suggests that your home is worth more than your real estate agent recommends, it is important to note that a Zillow estimate is merely a starting point that is calculated from public data and user-submitted information, as stated on the site. Your real estate agent is able to assess your home’s interior and current market conditions in your area before recommending a listing price.

Demand More Proof – Now, you know that your real estate agent puts in some serious work before recommending your home’s listing price. But, if you’re not satisfied with their recommendation, ask for a further explanation! We’ve talked about a comparative market analysis of similar area homes; ask your agent to show you information about the homes they compared to yours. Get a greater understanding of the homes that are on the market or those that have recently sold.

Communicate! – As with any disagreement, keeping the lines of communication open is vital. You trust your real estate agent and have reviewed your comparative market analysis, but you still think your home should be listed at more than what your real estate agent recommends? Tell them! Your agent works for you, which means they should work with you! But, don’t expect them to know you’re unhappy with their recommendation simply by casting sideways glances and giving the silent treatment! Voice your concerns and talk through your listing price until you reach a point where you’re satisfied.

The home sale process can be stressful enough. There is no need to add in extra frustration by disagreeing with your real estate agent over your home’s listing price.

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